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Campos do Jordão

25 de Março de 2015

Campos do Jordão is the highest city in Brazil with an average altitude of 1600m. This makes the city reaches very low temperatures, reaching less than 0 ° in winter nights.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and woods the city has beautiful scenery, alpine-style architecture, great restaurants, a charming hotel chain and important cultural festivals.

Another attraction for young people are the clubs and bars that warm night of major holidays before winter and during the season of July holiday.

For those who want to go shopping there are many options: from a small piece of craftsmanship, sweaters, shoes, decorative items, educational toys handmade chocolates even a Ferrari 0 km.

Taking advantage of the winter season that attracts thousands of tourists, many businesses set up booths to display their releases and news. This makes the city becomes a great open-air exhibition.

Where to go:

 - Ride the trolley

 - Ice Skating Rink

 - Chinese View

 - Palace of Boa Vista

 - Claudio Santoro Auditorium

 - Cave of Creole

 - Rural Subdivision of Mellos