Viação Atual

This company has been specialized for over 20 years in the transportation of passengers; Viação Atual has become a benchmark in the market for charter service and tourism because it’s always attentive to every detail in order to make the trip more enjoyable for its customers.


With a fleet of new and modern vehicles (minibuses, conventional and executive buses) that undergo periodic maintenance, super equipped (with or without air-conditioning, sound system, dvd player, toilet and refrigerator).


Viação Atual has the right vehicle to meet your needs, attending a diversity of services such as: outings, trips, transfers, city tours, excursions, conventions, monthly charters (companies, schools, industries, colleges), etc.


The transportation of passengers is done by highly qualified professionals in constant recycling process, who undergo rigorous and varied training, in which they are motivated and prepared to provide safety, satisfying and exceeding the passengers’ expectations.